The Scottish Claymore Sword is the most well known two-handed sword used in battle. Most recently, it was popularized by the movie Braveheart. Anyone who saw the movie remembers William Wallace holding up the sword on his horse and yelling to the top of his lungs “FREEDOM.”
The word claymore referred to “a very big sword.” It was feared in the medieval battles because of its size and sheer power it wielded when it was swung by a warrior. The sword usually ran 55″ in length with a 14″ handle. Thus making it a “two-handed sword.”
Throughout history, tales have been told of Scottish Highlanders, faced against incredible odds, who have overcome their enemies with the help of their trusted “two-handed sword.” This was achieved because of the faith in their training, as well as the assurance of the sharpness of their sword.
Notice what I said. They first had to know how to fight with their sword. And secondly, they had to keep their weapon sharp. Think about how you fight your daily battles. Yes, daily we are faced with a battle from our enemy the deceiver, Satan himself.
How do you fight him? What is your weapon? Hopefully it is the Word of God. Hebrews 4:12-13 says “the Word of God is living and active. . . sharper than any double-edged sword”. We have a powerful sword to fight our enemies. Our weaknesses, to be specific.
Just like the Highlander, we must know how to use our weapon. We must train daily on how to attack and how to defend our ground. But we also must keep our sword sharpened. Proverbs says “as iron sharpens iron, so must a man sharpen each other.” We must not fight the battle alone. We need other warriors to practice with to keep us sharp.
Perhaps you are in the midst of a great battle, and feel you are losing ground. Pick up your sword. Pick up the Word of God. Find other warriors to enter the battle with you. Jesus promised in Matthew 18:20 that “if two or more were gathered in his name, he would be gathered with us.” That is, he will be in the fight with us.
Once again remember the call from Mel Gibson in Braveheart, “FREEDOM.” Pick up you sword and march on. You can have freedom.

Stand Firm,


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