Psalm 62:1 I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.

Recently, I left all social media to spend that time seeking Gods direction in my life.  you don’t realize how much time you spend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn until you stay away from it.  so what I did was anytime I had the urge to fire up my iPad I went quiet or read my bible, or prayed or worshipped to wait on God.  although I never heard Him say anything audibly to me, or had a vision or a dream about what He wants from me, the answer was perfectly clear in my heart.

he wants all of me.  yes even a broken me.  especially a BROKEN ME.    and that’s where I have to let him be God. a big enough God to use me in any way he seems fit.

as many of you know God has created a new part of me through wood working.  except for Mr. Bennett’s Industrial Arts Class at Delay Middle School I had never really worked with wood or any do it yourself projects per se.  I watched my granddad forest make things out of scrap wood but that was the extent of my carpentry.  but something has happened.  I now can build furniture and do small wood projects.  who knew?  God knew!

a seed for a vision was planted by God.  you see when I am working with my wood, I forget about Parkinson’s.  its amazing.  I feel normal again.   my brain produces dopamine to regain a sense of purpose.  it is a shot of fresh grace from God that is as good as any high that I have ever experienced.   God is so good.

I don’t want to keep this all to myself.  God truly has given me a burden to see people with degenerative brain diseases a chance to regain their dignity through arts and crafts and woodworking.  furthermore, it is a chance to build community with folks who go into their shell and life passes by.

I need help.  I need my community of brothers and sisters to make Shaky Chic a place for people who can create magic in their lives again.  it will take resources.  Money for a building, for tools.  it will take volunteers who want to see people overcome the issues that they are dealing with.  lets restore and reclaim lives through this opportunity from God.

you are not reading this by accident.  pray what your part can be. pray that we will follow Gods direction.

much love,


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