Imperative Thoughts #7

Where was jesus in the time between the crucifiction and the resurrection:

The best clue we have as to what Jesus was doing between death and resurrection. He said, “Today—this Friday afternoon, after we’re both dead—you and I will be in paradise together.” I don’t think the thief went to hell and that hell is called paradise. I think he went to heaven and that Jesus was there with him.

Imperative Thoughts #6- Pray 4 The Preyed…

Thousands of teens will go to sleep tonight without a bed to call their own tonight.   They are prey for dealers, sex trafficking, destructive behaviors and even death.  Would you take five minutes today to pray for those being preyed upon.  Pray for Kyle’s Place to come to fruition to minister and be a model in not only Denton County, but all of Texas.  #pray4thepreyed