One of the greatest sports writers of all time was a favorite read of mine as a young adult in Dallas, TX. Blackie Sherrod, revered worldwide by fellow columnists and newspaper readers (probably no one under 50 years old continues to read papers now) had a daily piece in the old Dallas Times Herald titled “Scattershooting.”

I thought I would do some scattershooting in the new year.  Scattershooting means to cover something randomly.  The word picture is a shotgun spraying buckshot in a wide target area.  This is easy for me, because that’s how my brain works anyway. So, why don’t we begin?

What ever happened to the nurses dog that got so much attention during the Ebola crisis? Does anybody think ISIS is the JV version of modern terrorist? I am watching a standoff in France between jihadists and police. I hate Parkinsons.

Happy new year,


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